A Day full of Cooking Adventures

I’m onto my last day of winter break and it’s to the point that I’m doing anything I can to avoid boredom. As I see it, there is so much to do and think, that there is never a reason to be bored. Usually, when I’m home alone, the most effort I put into a meal is opening up a can and boiling some soup on the stove top. So, yesterday I decided to treat myself to some home cooked meals.

For breakfast I dug in the cupboards and found a blueberry muffin mix, mixed that up, and popped it in the oven. Then, I got to work on scrambled eggs, toast, and oatmeal. Nothing to complicated, but definitely more than the bowl of lucky charms I’m usually ambitious enough to make. I also treated myself to a cup of coffee with cinnabon creamer. Yum!

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

Once I enjoyed the wonderful food, I cleaned up and prepared for a friend from High School to come over for the afternoon. We had a good time, but not long after she left I had the itch to bake another quality meal. I went on the modern day cook book, pinterest, and searched for a healthy vegetarian recipe. Through my search I found a good looking recipe for a strawberry-banana smoothie(1) that was advertised as being worth zero weight watchers points. I pinned that, and continued to look for a healthy dinner.

Eventually I came across a recipe for Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups. So I made a grocery list for my two recipes, and headed to the store to buy the needed ingredients. Once I got home I followed the recipe and everything went smoothly! Sadly, they were quite eggy, which is one of the things I dislike as a picky eater, but my mom loved them, and I still had my smoothie!

They sure looked good!

They sure looked good!

Then, as a last minute idea I melted some chocolate and dipped the extra strawberries in it, for some wonderful chocolate covered strawberries! Quite the baking adventure for me in one day! Luckily, today my mom was home and so she made the left over Baked Broccoli Cheese Rice cups and made some yummy soup with them along with some popovers.

Tomorrow I return back to school. I sure will miss having access to a kitchen of my own, but I’m going to be happy to have someone else cook for me. Hopefully I can finish all of the chocolate covered strawberries before I leave!


1.) http://pinterest.com/pin/91690542385371214

2.) http://www.daydreamkitchen.com/2012/08/baked-cheddar-broccoli-rice-cups/


Annual Cookie Bake

Let’s skip the introductions and get right to it:

With less than a week left of winter break, I can say that this is the busiest winter break I’ve ever had, which isn’t saying much. It started slow and seamed like any other break. I visited two of my high school friends. I also saw a <a href=”http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0837562/”>movie</a&gt;. Then the holidays quickly approached. My extended family is full of those who work in the medical field, which leads to holidays not being a day off, so we celebrated the Saturday before.

But, before we can unwrap the presents, or even cook the holiday meal, we need some Christmas cookies to start it all of right. The Tuesday before our family shin-dig, a small batch of my families more baking-inclined got together for a day full of making cookies. The idea is everyone brings a dough-or two-or three, and we take turns using the oven and listen to Christmas music. One of my aunts always makes a big batch of sugar cookies a few days before, and when we’re not working on our own cookies, we sit around the table and put our creative talents to frosting the cookies. They can get pretty creative, including whenever a reindeer cookie breaks, it is fixed with red frosting, to give it the road kill effect.

Once the last batch of cookies go in the oven, we decide on a place to order pizza, figure it out, and we all chip in for a greasy, wonderful, mess of food. Once the cookies are done, food is eaten, and kitchen cleaned, everyone breaks out the Tupperware and fill it with the cookies they want to bring home. There are always more cookies than anyone could ever want, so we always end up making various plates for various family members’ work and family members that had to work or aren’t into baking. Then, finally, one by one, everyone leaves with a full belly and a car full of cookies.

Winter break is always a fun filled time that I get to spend with friends and family. It would never be complete without the annual cookie bake. If you don’t already, get together with your family, birth or chosen, and bake some cookies. Who needs a holiday to do it? I know I love to get together with some friends at college and bake something as simple as chocolate chip cookies or chocolate muffins, and everyone in the dorm will love you for the leftovers.

I love to get together with family around the holidays.